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Salmon – Steelhead – Sturgeon – Ocean


The Columbia River and its Tributaries are home to one of the world’s largest returns of Salmon. Spring Chinook are the first to return each year as the weather warms. These elusive Salmon are known for their incredible table fare! Because these fish do not feed until the Fall spawn, they have a high fat and oil content, making them the most sought after Chinook available in the Pacific NW. As summer passes and the weather begins to cool, Fall Kings begin their upstream migration. The “Buoy 10” Fishery at the mouth of the Columbia River is one of the most popular Salmon Fisheries in the world! With both Chinook and Coho returning, many years see over 1 million Salmon cross the graveyard of the Pacific and enter the mouth of the Columbia River! These days offer the best opportunity for anglers to have fast action and take home fresh fish to share with family and friends. Join Day One Outdoors on the water this year in search of hard fighting Kings, acrobatic Coho and a memory that will last a lifetime!


Winter Steelhead are an Angler’s dream…and his nemesis. Many spend countless hours in search of these chrome warriors as they cruise the frigid riffles of our local Tributaries. The weather can be cold, wet and windy. But nothing warms a fisherman up quicker than a rod folding over or a bobber sinking below the surface…feel the weight at the other end of the line and experience the sight of a Steelhead leaping skyward!  The beauty of these fish coupled with an incredible backdrop during your scenic float down the river will create lasting memories. Book your trip today with Day One Outdoors, and let us guide you on your next adventure in the Pacific NW.


The Columbia River estuary is a maze of sandy flats. These flats are the feeding grounds for Sturgeon during the early summer months! Hundreds of thousands of these hard fighting, acrobatic fish enter the Columbia estuary to gorge on Shrimp, Clams and Anchovies. This fishery is fast action and will wear out any angler! These Sturgeon average 3-5’ in length with many over 7’ and 100+ pounds caught regularly! Locally, we have given them the name of “Fresh Water Tarpon” as they are hard fighters even on heavy gear. Fights lasting over 30 minutes, jumps above your head and blistering runs create a physical and mental challenge for any Angler! Come catch these prehistoric Dinosaurs of the flats with us here at Day One Outdoors. This trip is one you will never regret!


The Pacific Ocean offers Anglers the opportunity to target many different species of fish! Here at Day One Outdoors, we target Chinook and Coho Salmon on the troll, Tuna offshore and Rockfish along the coast! Bottomfishing can be a fast paced and fun fishery with catches of Sea Bass and Lingcod the most common; both being excellent eating fish! Trolling for Salmon in the salt targets Chinook and Coho while they are still feeding, making for willing biters and excellent action! During these trips, Crabbing can be added to your day as another fun experience and delicious bounty from the Pacific Ocean. And…don’t forget to always keep an eye out for Whales while on your adventure in the Pacific, with Day One Outdoors!


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