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Mackinaw - Bass - Kokanee - Trout


The Alpine Lakes and Rivers of Central Oregon are home to a multitude of species of Trout. Browns, Bulls, Brook and several strains of Rainbows cruise the flats, ledges and weedlines of these clear water fisheries in the High Cascades. These adventures allow for anglers of all skill level and technique! From Families on vacation, sharing what the outdoors has to offer…to anglers seeking an experience unlike any other. Several styles of boats are available to fit each lake, river and technique our customers may request. Hike-In trips are also available for those anglers looking to find solitude and breathetaking scenery during their day of Fishing.   Day One Outdoors is one of a select few to operate under an issued Special Use Permit in Deschutes National Forest, giving our customers access to new waters and pristine wilderness.


The State Record Mackinaw weighs in at over 40lbs! These aggressive predators of the deep are found in several lakes across the Deschutes National Forest. Jigging accounts for much of the early season success, followed by trolling big lures during the summer months. Come Fall, when the Kokanee head to feeder streams to spawn, these freshwater Char leave the 100’ depths and ascend to feed on the shallow flats surrounding the tributaries. Fishing for Mackinaw creates a diversity of techniques throughout the year! Nothing compares to seeing a fish of this size reveal itself from the depths while on your line. Where else can you find a landlocked fishery offering a chance at a new State record each day you hit the water! Contact Day One Outdoors today and let’s chase these Giants of the deep together!


Kokanee are a landlocked Sockeye Salmon that exist in many of the deeper lakes of Central Oregon. These fish are excellent table fare and can be caught in good numbers! Casting jigs to shallow schools is a fun and active way to target Kokanee in the early season. From casting at jumpers to deep jigging, this technique offers a hands on and effective way to pursue these tasty fish! As the schools suspend further below the surface in the summer months, trolling is the best technique to find success! Moments of calm are interrupted by several lines hooking up at once, creating excitement as everyone works together to land as many Kokanee as possible! Come Join Day One Outdoors for a great day on the water, catching Kokanee to be shared with family and friends at the dinner table or on the BBQ.


When Anglers make the trek to the High Mountain lakes of Central Oregon, Largemouth Bass are not often considered when planning a day on the water. However, some of the best Bass fishing in the State exists here in the waters of the Deschutes National Forest. Day One Outdoors is equipped with tournament grade gear and boats with bowmount electric motors to get you into the haunts these aggressive biters live. For those looking for a new experience or challenge, Fly Fishing with surface poppers and streamers make for an amazing day of fishing as Bass leap out of the water, chasing your presentation. This is a must-do trip for any Fly-Fisherman! Bass fishing can also be added on to many other trips after the morning Trout bite slows, Anglers can choose to switch to bass fishing for a change of pace midday! Contact Day One Outdoors today to book your next adventure!


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